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    Best 10 Places to visit in USA during Thanksgiving

    Would it not be nice to travel to an exquisite destination for Thanksgiving weekend instead of stressing about the turkey dinner at home? The truth is that planning for a vacation to anywhere in the US during this weekend must be done in advance so that you can book your favorite places.
    What you need to do is get your hands on the latest OneTravel promo codes to avail of fabulous discounts on air fares. Once you have tickets booked, you can be a part of small town celebrations or big city parades, whatever fancies you. Here are some of the most sought-after destinations when you wish to spend Thanksgiving in style and make memories of a lifetime.
    1. New York City, New York: This is by far the most popular Thanksgiving destination in the US over the years because it offers travelers endless entertainment opportunities to celebrate the weekend. You could be among the crowd at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, watch balloons floating in the sky, and visit the Central Park Zoo, shop at the M&M Store or climb atop the Empire State Building for a breathtaking glimpse of the city.
    2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: This can be an ideal Thanksgiving getaway for families who desire to spend quality beach time. Myrtle Beach gives you more than 60 miles of coastline and you can be a part of their activities on the Grand Strand. The atmosphere is one of carnivals with amusement parks, live entertainment, and a host of family-friendly attractions like the Broadway Grand Prix.
    3. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, South Carolina: On the Kiawah Island, this occasion is celebrated in a big way and the private retreat is one of the leading luxurious islands in the coastal South. This is the landmark ocean-front hotel that hosts the famous Thanksgiving Feast buffet, Pumpkin Hockey, early-morning fun run, family sand sculpting, etc.
    4. Chicago, Illinois: You can pack your bags and take a flight to Chicago that captivates its tourists in myriad ways. Whether it is the giant balloons at the Mc Donald’s Thanksgiving Parade or the spectacular light show at Lincoln Park Zoo, you are spoilt for choice.
    5. Plymouth, Massachusetts: For the lovers of history, this destination is a must-visit during Thanksgiving. It is the place where the Pilgrims had settled originally. The town hosts a mammoth celebration complete with food festivals, parades, and live entertainments.
    6. Keystone, Colorado: For the snow-loving families there can be no better place to celebrate Thanksgiving than Keystone. It is famous for the first-class ski runs and slopes that are not as crowded this time of the year as most people prefer to stay home with their loved ones. Regardless of whether you know how to ski or not, you can be sure to have fun.
    7. St. Augustine, Florida: Those who want a sunny break should travel to St. Augustine, America’s oldest city. It is popular for its Night of Lights event in the downtown area; tourists can also view the dazzling displays on a trolley ride or walk down cobbled streets lines and visit cafes.
    8. Washington D.C.: This is again a family-friendly Thanksgiving destination unique for its parades and live music shows. Kids will enjoy the ice-skating rink while grownups can explore the American history through a walk on cobblestone streets with Victorian houses.
    9. Montage Deer Valley, Park City, Utah: This can provide you with many family-focused events during Thanksgiving, like archery lessons, football in the grand lawns, Thanksgiving buffet at the Apex Restaurant, a view of the Wasatch Mountains, live entertainment, holiday mug-decorating and Annual Xmas tree lighting.
    10. San Diego, California: This can offer you breathtaking ocean views, kid-friendly attractions and a lot of sunshine. The Hotel Del Coronado lets you take kids for ice-skating and the Mother Goose Parade has bands and clowns performing for you. Kids can visit the San Diego Zoo and Natural History Museum or experience rollercoaster rides at the Belmont Park.
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