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    These are the world's greenest commuter cities

    Three of Asia's biggest business hubs have emerged because the world's most environmentally-friendly commuter cities.

    Tokyo, Peking and Singapore lidded the charts for inexperienced travel during a new study by knowledge insights company, Kantar.

    Those cities hierarchal particularly extremely thanks to commuters' general tendency to use conveyance or walk to figure within the 3 densely inhabited metropolises.

    The study questioned twenty,000 individuals in thirty one cities globally concerning their travel habits.

    Seoul, that placed seventh, was the fourth Asian town to form the highest ten. it had been joined by four European cities — London, Copenhagen, Dutch capital and Russian capital — that square measure known as cycle cities with expansive public rail networks. national capital and port rounded out the list.

    No U.S. town created it to the highest ranks. A separate 2017 study found that the common yank spends a complete of fifty two minutes per day travel, with the overwhelming majority — concerning eighty fifth — employing a non-public automobile or set. simply over five-hitter used conveyance, while 2.8% walked or zero.6% cycled.

    A read of Singapore urban and its mass fast train, to move the individuals of Singapore back home expeditiously and safely.

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    Kantar's findings speak to the recent infrastructure developments of a number of Asia's huge cities, that build conveyance a viable — and sometimes preferred — means that of transportation for commuters WHO would rather avoid driving the full roads.

    But they conjointly highlight the work that is still to be tired cities historically designed for cars if progress is to be created in reducing pollution and up the surroundings.

    "One of the most important challenges facing international cities these days is moving commuters off from the convenience and luxury of their cars and onto additional property transport choices," Guillaume Saint, international automotive lead at Kantar told Reuters during a statement.

    According to the world organisation, pollution causes seven million premature deaths p.a.. Meanwhile, at twenty ninth of all international emissions, transportation is seen together of the most important contributors to international greenhouse gases.

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