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    Disney is 'not fixated' on lower price of Apple's streaming service, CEO Bob Iger says

    Disney isn't too involved concerning the worth of streaming services from Apple and alternative competitors, corporate executive Bob Iger told CNBC on Tuesday.

    "We're not extremely upset concerning competition in terms of evaluation as a result of we've got such a singular product," Iger aforesaid on "The Exchange."

    "We're terribly, terribly completely different than the other service that's out there," Iger additional, ticking off a litany of the content Disney+ can supply once it launches November. 12.

    Those offerings "in one service, on one app" embrace new and existing TV shows and films from filmmaker, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and also the Simpsons, Iger said.

    Disney+ can price $6.99 per month. Apple TV+, which can solely have a few of shows on its November. 1 launch, can price $4.99 per month. Apple is giving a free year of Apple TV+ to customers World Health Organization purchase a mackintosh, iPhone or Apple TV.

    Netflix raised its costs earlier this year, golf stroke its most well liked HD streaming arrange at $12.99, up from $10.99.

    In the returning months, Peacock from NBCUniversal and HBO Georgia home boy from AT&T's WarnerMedia can come back on-line, adding more competition to the packed streaming landscape.

    "So whereas we have a tendency to read the others as competition, we're not fixated on the competitive facet of things here," aforesaid Iger, World Health Organization left Apple's board in Sep, the day once the technical school big declared the worth and unleash date of its streaming service.

    Iger's comments on Tuesday came hours once Verizon declared that it'll supply its customers a year of Disney+ at no cost.

    In a market currently chock jam-packed with streaming services for customers to decide on from, it's a crucial development because it provides filmmaker countless early subscribers World Health Organization might still subscribe once the supply expires.

    Iger aforesaid the move with Verizon may be a "wholesale deal," therefore "we can get acquired that."

    "They will support United States of America with plenty of selling," Iger aforesaid, adding, "It will, I think, have a big impact — not assume, i do know — in terms of jump-starting subscriptions."Disclosure: NBCUniversal is the parent company of NBC and CNBC.

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