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    'Care robots' for the elderly could be developed in the UK after government funding

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    The U.K. government has launched a search program which will specialize in "making autonomous systems safe and trustworthy for public use".

    The scheme, backed by funding of £33.9 million ($43.54 million) across 5 years, might lead to the event of subtle "care robots" which might be deployed to help the senior.

    Actions that would doubtless be taken by such robots embody serving to folks up when a fall, ensuring medication is taken, and delivering meals.

    The idea of developing "care robots" comes because the U.K. faces Associate in Nursing ageing population, with the govt stating that one in seven folks were currently expected to be over seventy five by the year 2040.

    Authorities aforementioned analysis would be applied to form positive that robots were "better protected against cyber-attacks" and ready to demonstrate traits like respect, equality and fairness.

    It is hoped that qualities like these might see robots being employed in places like hospitals and care homes aboard human professionals.

    The government added  that the new autonomous systems program would obtain to learn a spread of sectors, as well as transport, wherever it delineate "lack of public trust" as a "key challenge."

    On the AI front, authorities have already invested with in an exceedingly project referred to as CHIRON. That theme ran between 2016 and 2018, with the urban center AI Laboratory acting together of its "key technology partners". The project developed a "prototype standard robotic system" that uses the name of JUVA.

    In a statement issued on Saturday, the urban center AI Laboratory's Praminda Caleb-Solly aforementioned that "assistive robots" might give "essential support for those that want facilitate effecting everyday tasks," sanctioning folks to "maintain their independence for as long as attainable."

    "But ensuring we are able to trust these robots by reducing the risks related to this technology is important," Caleb-Solly added . "Unlocking their full potential means that they might assist with something from therapy to help for older folks with quality problems, up people's quality of life considerably."

    Smart, innovative technology is currently being employed in an exceedingly range of fascinating ways in which in medication. In Sept 2019, researchers at the University of Oxford declared that they had developed AI technology that would establish whether or not somebody was at high risk of a fatal coronary failure years before it happens.

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