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    Packing list for Umrah Journey

    For Muslims, Umrah is actually a way of Allah’s worship which holds huge reward and value in Islam. It is the minor pilgrimage that Muslims perform throughout the year except for the days of Hajj. It is suggested to do Umrah more than once, if capable, in a lifetime so that the inner soul can be cleaned on every opportunity to perform Blessed Umrah.
    Before leaving for umrah, make sure to carry the essentials, so that mismanagement and other sort of confrontation regarding the difficulties can be avoided.
    So it would be better to list down the things that need to be carry for Umrah journey.

    Things to Carry on Umrah Journey

    Following is a list of all important items that should be carried along with you. The items may add or deduct depending on your needs.

    1. Passport,ID card: Before leaving, make sure you have your Identity card, passport, Visa and other traveling documents if required to keep.
    2. Ihram: To perform Umrah or Hajj, a Muslim man and woman are obligatory to wear Ihram. Without this white dress, you cannot perform Umrah or Hajj. Men wear two-piece white cloth and wear a belt to support Ihram. For women and girls, the special piece of cotton cloth is to carry which keep the full body covered.
    3. Dua Books: You should carry the guide and the Dua books so you can perform your Umrah with the Mandatory Duas. Pocket Quran is also recommended.
    4. Prayer Mat, Tasbeeh: Prayer Mat is important because, in Mecca and Medina, there are so Hot weather conditions and you will be uncomfortable praying on the floor of the Mosque. Keep it with you along with the pairs of Tasbeeh, it would help you accomplish with your prayers.
    5. You are Missing Umbrella: Umbrella is mandatory, it will keep you safe from the harsh sun rays especially if you are settled somewhere far from Haram.
    6. Daily routine Essentials: Hopefully you will not forget to keep your toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, towel, cream and lotion with you. With these things having, you will be comfortable as at home.
    7. Medical Kit: It should be the most important item in your luggage. The painkillers, Fever tabs, medically prescribed antiallergics, antibiotics, and Band-Aids, If you are a Diabetes and BP patient, keep the stock of your medicines according to the days you will have to live there.
    8. Slippers and comfortable shoes: You will pack one or two pairs of slippers because you may lose your slippers in a mosque and there is a lot of possibility of it. The lightweight and very comfortable shoes are recommended so that it will not hurt if you have to walk for some long.
    9. Waist bag: If you have this, you can carry every instant thing with you like money, Id card, etc. You can also carry your slippers in it to escape the lost.
    10. Scissors, Nail-cutter: You will need a scissor anytime especially to trim your hairs and the clothes. Nail cutter should be there in any case.
    11. Sunglasses: The harsh sunlight not good for your eyes, you have to keep the sunglasses with you so to keep your eyes safe from sunlight and infectious diseases travel people to people.
    12. Sleeping accessories: If you have to live in camps or the same situation, you must have to be prepared for it. Sleeping bag, Bed sheets, inflatable pillow or everything you think should carry, keep this with your luggage.
    13. Water Bottles: Keep the set of bottles in your luggage so you can be having a bottle full of chilled water every time there in Haram. Weather is not so favorable so you have to keep yourself hydrated to keep yourself safe and healthy.
    14. Locks: Buy the locks to secure your luggage, you will be locking your luggage and then will leave the hotel to performance of Umrah.
    15. Umrah guide: You should be equipped with all the necessary knowledge of how to perform the Umrah before you leave for Umrah. If you have any questions and concerns about Umrah, you may consult with the expert and put your concerns before him. Agencies mostly manage the training of Umrah and Hajj Azmeen and this activity is so helpful. But if you want yourself perfect with no mistake, you have to study and learn the things yourself.

    These are the suggestions based on common observations and experiences will help you all the way. The things added in the list above can vary person to person.

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