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    Last Minute Trip

    Believe in Your Dreams

    Remember to enjoy life whenever possible. Work goes on. Life goes on. And so does everyone else.
    Take a U-turn.
    And plan a last minute trip you forgot to have in such a long time. When planning a trip for some place in a long time you don’t get choosy you just want to spend time peacefully enjoying being a kid again.
    Watching your kids grow up is a wonderful experience. But before they are all grown up take them away from the busy urban life of schools and assignments, pack the bags, buckle up your pants and fly with Virikson Spain Holidays. You will visit some great islands for a tour, northern parts although usually ignored by tourists is a welcome change of location for freshening up the jogs of mind and besides that, the festivals consist of vibrant colors, traditional music, onstage decorated with paper masques, it’s a view to remember by. But moving towards the more natural heritage of the country, Spain, there are other sights to go visit too. Beaches are admiringly the optimum place that first comes in mind but if you are a natural explorer the vibes will take you to the great waterfalls that Spain has to offer to all.
    Virikson Spain holidays are for everyone.
    Whatever, whenever you want.
    You are just a click away to be in contact with us!

    You must be aware of some popular destinations to go around in Spain like Madrid, Granada, Andalucía etc. But exploring nature will be the only chance to go out and about without rushing things. Want a two day plan? Three days plan? Custom deals in cheap holiday packages in Spain offers variety to chose from.

    Let’s go through a list of unexpected last minute places where exciting water falls will make you want to swim through the day:
    1. The colored waterfall (Cascada de Colores). The Canary Islands offers not only the costa but the colored waterfall. Rare phenomenon, limonite, dissolved in water gives it a unique color. Red, yellow, green or grey are vibrant colours that catches the eyes of the tourists for exploring.

    1.  Asón Waterfall. With a most paranomic view of waterfalls along a hiking trail, in Cantabria, this outstanding view is enjoyed by the nature explorers. Feel hot after a day hike? Take a jump in the cool waters.

    1. Cascada De La Cimbarra. A naturally beautiful steep relief only a few kilometers away from the town of Aldeaquemada is the Cimbarra waterfall. In the chain of forests surrounded by water creeks branching out from the waterfall itself has an immense sense of exotic natural life. A spectacular view you are bound to explore and indulge yourself in the trekking experience of your life.

    1. Algar Waterfalls. A cold dip in the cool water pond of Algar on a good sunny day is cherry on the top! You will enjoy a great hiking trail and see one of the greatest waterfalls in Spain with lush vegetation, it’s popular among tourists who desire some natural theme during their holidays.

    1. Cascada de Ezaro. One of the most popular spots for tourists, leading its way to the sea is the astonishing turquoise colored Ezaro waterfall. The cool water will remind you of marble coins with a true reflection of its surroundings it’s a must-visit for your inner explorer. You can canoe too!

    1. El Usero Waterfall. Wanting an open cave-like experience? This is just the place for the tourists. Somewhat stooped low waterfall making a pool around it is a natural reservoir. It’s a good day trip if you are planning for cheap holidays in Spain, this visit is a must!

    1. Falls in Pedrosa de Tobalina. A short cheap holiday in Spain can be well spent, if you are on time restraint and budgets restraint holiday than it is an ideal getaway destination. Honeymooners may find this waterfall amphitheater amusing and romantic enough to spend a day together and you can do camping as well.

    1. Nervion Waterfalls. One of the highest points in Spain is the famous Nervion waterfalls. With a direct descent of single drop it’s a mind blogging view. Quite similar to famous Norway Falls, this is like a mirage in itself. You can reach the waterfall either from the top by following a trail laid carefully for hikers or from the bottom hiking trail (the walk is for hours).

    These waterfalls are not the only part where you must go to a visit but, it’s just starting of a yet another wonderful adventure and thrilling trips you didn’t even know you were waiting for. Wander through some best times of your life in Spain, where cheap is the new expensive.

    Having the wanderlust yet?

    Virikson Cheap Holidays will turn you into a walking dream.

    Once the traveler, always a traveler.

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