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    Disney+ will house Disney's entire motion picture library, including movies from the vault

    The Walt Disney Co.'s new streaming service Disney+ will include movies from Disney's vault that have been periodically withheld from public purchase, CEO Bob Iger confirmed during the company's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday.

    By the end of 2019, Disney+ will become available to consumers. It was previously announced that the streaming service will feature new content from "Star Wars" and Marvel. However, it was unclear if Disney would be releasing classic films that have been locked away in the past like "Cinderella," "Bambi" or "Peter Pan."
    On Thursday, Iger confirmed that it would at some point put its entire motion picture library on the service, including movies that have traditionally been kept in its archives.
    Disney has long had a policy of only allowing animated features to be available for a limited time and then putting them in a "vault" for several years before releasing them again for purchase.
    Disney+'s launch is going to cost Disney $150 million because it will no longer be licensing its content to Netflix. "Captain Marvel" will be the first film withheld from any output deals, Iger said during the company's February earnings call.

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